Pence - Russia should face 'severe consequences' if it's behind hack

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While Trump's vice presidential running mate, Mike Pence, and his campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, have tried to reshape the candidate's comments as being aimed at an unfair news media, Trump's own words have targeted the legitimacy of the election system. "I don't know about rigged, but I would say it kinda influences me more to kinda want to vote". Republicans, and some Democrats, have harshly criticized her decision to do so, but the Federal Bureau of Investigation did not recommend anyone face criminal charges for her use of a private email address run on a personal server.

Hours later, Trump followed up with the tweet saying, "Of course there is large scale voter fraud happening on and before election day". A Gallup poll found that half of Republicans believe voter fraud will be a problem this election.

Specifically, the campaign is helping in eight Senate races, 24 House races, two governor's races and on the local level in at least one state, Michigan.

United States presidential candidate for the Democratic party, Hillary Clinton, extended her lead over her main rival, Donald Trump, over the weekend to eleven points.

This group is critical to Trump's support, because almost everyone else has made up their mind.

The poll surveyed 1,152 adults, including 920 registered voters and 740 likely voters, between October 10-13. Now, Donald Trump claims polling stations are being rigged - even though there is no evidence to back this up.

Trump has called on people to act as "election observers" in "certain areas" of the country to help prevent fraud.

Studies have shown voter impersonation to be quite rare.

David Thornburgh, president of the nonpartisan Committee of Seventy, said his political watchdog group is confident a sound election can occur in Philadelphia, "but, we're also vigilant, and I think that's the proper spirit for this".

Trump has been making campaign stops in battleground Florida and North Carolina in recent days and travels to Wisconsin and Colorado this week, while Clinton continues to do debate preparation. Including Al Schmidt, the Vice Chairman of the City Commissioners, a Republican on the three-member board.

"I hear these horror shows and we have to make sure that this election is not stolen form us and is not taken away from us". But at the same time, the election system isn't ideal.

And he said that Donald Trump would run that truck off the road.

That also holds true for any effort by hackers to influence this year's presidential election. People can often encounter broken polling machines, long lines at polling places, and clerical error - especially when thousands of people turn out to vote in one place. There's zero evidence that the process is compromised across multiple states and precincts.

And the Republican McInturff observes that Trump "is in a weaker position than in September", and that his numbers in the poll don't align with anyone who has gone on to win a presidential election.

Mitt Romney believes Donald Trump still has a chance of winning the election, but if the NY billionaire loses the aftermath will be messy for the GOP and it will take a "once-in-a-generation" leader to bridge the gulf between the populist and traditional wings of the Republican Party. In striking down parts of a voter ID law in North Carolina this year, a federal appeals court judge wrote they "target African Americans with nearly surgical precision". In a decision finding Texas' photo ID law was discriminatory, a federal appeals court noted there were two convictions related to in-person voter fraud out of 20 million votes cast in the decade before the law was enacted.

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