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California police seek more suspects after violent rallies

California police seek more suspects after violent rallies California police seek more suspects after violent rallies
Christy Curtis | 18 April, 2017, 17:54

While other protests took place in different cities of U.S. as "Tax Day" on Saturday- April 15, nearly 21 individuals got arrested at Civic Center Park in Berkeley, California, for the clash between Trump's supporters and opponents.

The political divisiveness reflected across the United States took the form of a makeshift barrier erected between the two equally impassioned factions.

The protest started Saturday morning at Martin Luther King Jr.

"Ten people were arrested for their roles in the events, and other arrests are being actively pursued".

Counter-demonstrators then announced a rally at the same place. "Fascist USA! Drive out Trump-Pence regime!" and "Fascist scum your time is done".

As of 12:18 p.m., Allston Way between Milvia Street and Martin Luther King Jr.

Protesters and political rivals have said he should make a fuller disclosure to remove any inkling of potential conflicts of interest between his business interests and his political decisions. As protesters swarmed the area, police urged residents to avoid the area of Center and Miliva streets.

Turkish opposition urges board to cancel referendum result
Cagaptay says Erdogan "has become the most powerful person in the country's history in at least a century". The men discussed the US missile strike in Syria in response to the chemical weapons attack on civilians.

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Police, upon reaching, tried to get hold of the situation by using pepper spray to scatter the crowd.

He says they are evaluating photographs and video of the skirmishes. Police also impounded few prohibited items; flagpoles, stun gun, helmet, knives etc.

Berkeley police were forced to call in Alameda County sheriff's deputies for backup as rocks and bottles were launched at officers and many were assaulted, according to Twitter.

"‶How can we determine his conflicts of interest or stop him from receiving payments from foreign governments if he won't show us the names of the people and corporations that he is in active partnership with all over the world?" said Democratic Rep. Jamie Raskin of Maryland, who appeared at the Washington rally, according to the New York Times. A Berkeley station for BART, the mass transit system, was shut down because of the disturbance, sources said.

The rally follows a March 4 confrontation planned by several of the same groups that left several people injured and led to arrests.


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